12 struggles you can relate to if you ever had a Nigerian teacher

Nigerian teachers are a unique breed, with unique methods. If you ever had one, you’d certainly relate to a couple of these.

1. When your greet your primary school teacher in the morning and you don’t add “2 times one 2”.samtakesoff meme

You people are testing me this morning.


2. When your teacher enters the class and you have not done your homework.

Sweating man

Excuse me sir, I was not feeling fine.


3. Then the teacher says, “If you know you did not finish you homework, come and kneel down outside”.Idi Amin


Sir, I started but NEPA took light.


4. When your teacher starts checking your notes.

coach slap students

You need hot slap.


5. Nigerian teachers and disgracing their students.

Zuma together

Because what good is a student with good self esteem to his teacher?


6. When you tell a Nigerian teacher they are wrong.

You want to teach me my job


Oya come and take chalk and teach us.


7. When the class captain tells the teacher that there is list of noise makers.

Kung fun stick

Just know you are finished if your name is on the list.


8. The graveyard silence when the most wicked teacher walks past your class.


Demon is passing.

9. When they catch you dozing in class.


Lemme help you sleep since you want to waste your parents’ money.


10. When you go home with a teacher everyday, because she’s your mum.


Living the school life.

11. When you are an excellent student but your teacher still won’t give you the full marks.100 is for God

But why?

12. That time a teacher walked up beside you during your exams and shook their head.Cry child fail

Am I not finished like this?




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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