12 photos you will understand only if you have had an awkward sexual moment

The moment you get laid, you can’t get unlaid. If you’ve ever gotten down, you can surely relate to these awkward moments.

1. When you roll over and realise if you die now, you will surely end up in hell fire.


Lord forgive your child.

2. When you tell a typical Naija male you want to handcuff him, because BDSM.


I’m nor doing please.

3. Or you enter with a grim reaper costume and she thinks anti Christ has come.

Black woman shock

Oh Lord save your child.

4. When you are in the house of the lord and you can’t help thinking of shag.

Beyonce cry

Flee from me Satan.

5. When you are a guy and a lady thinks you are not capable.

Kanayo smiling

You can try me out. Wa fe ku laleyi.

6. When you think you have conquered all sizes and then he drops his pants.

nene l

Sorry please I’m a virgin.


7. When you are drunk and giving her head and then the period comes.blood lion

Tell me who do me so?


8. When you’re fasting and you mistakenly enter the wrong side of Twitter.


You people are devilish.

9. Every time someone asks for your phone and you have to double check for nudes.

Hold on

Coast is clear.

10. When you are in the room with your partner and you hear your mother call your name at the door.


Is this how my life will end?

11. After shaving, when you’re not sure if you have bumps or STIs.


Who did I carry this thing from now?

12. When you google your symptoms and the results say you have Staphylococcus.

Fainted gif





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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