Nobody names churches quite like Nigerians and these 12 photos are proof

Nigerians love God very much and we get that, we respect that. It’s why we take the pains to choose the names we call the places we worship.

1. When your God has a large appetite.

Church 1


Because there’s room for every problem.

2. When Usain Bolt is your Daddy G.O.

Church 2


On your marks, get set.

3. When you are an activist for master Jesus.

Church 3

Take the alter to Ojota. Yes Lord.

4. When you need people to see that you serve the Lord of omniscience.

Church 4

Cancer is a small thing before the eyes of the Lord.

5. Because your Lord has been taking over, back to back.

Church 5

If you want the touch of the Holy Spirit, come and collect.

6. As per chief broadcaster of the gospel of the messiah.

Church 6

What’s on the news tonight?

7. Bust-A-Rhyme for Jehovah.

Church 9

Choirmaster bring that beat back!

8. When all power and change belongs to Jesus.

Church 10


Ministering this evening will be Bishop Jega.

9. When you forget God is not a contract killer.

Church 11

Thou shalt not kill. Moses went up that mountain for nothing?

10. When you need a poster to tell the Lord as it is doing you.

Church 12

Just take the traffic with you and we’re good.

11. When you make the master commander-in-chief.

Church 13

Witching is treasonous. Who news?

12. To leave you with one question, are we the turning point generation?

Church 14

Question for the gods.



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