12 Nigerians tell us their definition of success

We asked a few Nigerians what success means to them and this is what they said.

Success is a feeling of you meeting up to your own standards. It is why someone earning a million naira can call themselves successful and a billionaire would say the same. Its because they both reach the standard they set for themselves. – Bayo


Success for me is when I can help get others to grow – Korede


My idea of Success is closely tied to fulfilment. It doesn’t have to be big and worldwide, just functional and fulfilling. An example would be my ambition to start a world class digital studio that creates content that would rub shoulders with big studios all around the world. Content bordering on movies and animation, and also train young graduates all over the country on digital media and how to make a living out of it. Now if I can get just 5 students in a year, I am fulfilled and that to me is success. – Samuel


Contentment. I mean peace of mind. A high level of happiness with current condition and accepting the past and future. Comfort. Can provide for needs and random whimsical wants a good part of the time. I think there’s a certain happiness that comes with having people you can rely on. I’m referring to the peace of mind/contentment side of the equation. Some people call it love. – Omolola


I think it’s about working towards personal or business goals. Whatever they are. Sometimes it’s about being content. – Lara


Never having to work again, and spending the rest of my life traveling the world – Toke


Being the best at whatever I’m doing (married/unmarried, etc) with plenty peace of mind and making jannah – Myar


“Success is making enough money from what you love doing.” – Tope


It is when I surpass my set goals. – Goodman


The positive impact I’ve made in people’s lives and my immediate environment. Unbending loyalty to faith, friends and course. Providing, protecting and defending my family with every breath in me. I love seeing people progress and knowing it was all my efforts and words of encouragement. This is success. – Lanre


Impacting lives, raising people from sorrow/poverty, creating everlasting solutions. – Oyinda


Owning a great business. Having family and friends in good health. Falling in love with the right person. Being able to tick everything off my bucket list. Dying well. Not suffering in my grave. Entering heaven with little or no stress. – Nneka



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