12 guys tell us the kind of criminals they would be if they had to choose

Its not that serious, so don’t call the police.

A hacker.  I can be the bad guy and the good guy at the same time. So, I’m hacking the ‘asses’ of big corporations for fun and I get caught, I can easily sign an agreement to be one of their security experts if not the leader. The difference between hacking and other forms of crime is that it requires a bit of genius and talent. – Samuel



Armed robber. Make money and cash out. – Aaborode

I'm retired


Hacker. Because I can do almost everything and stll be anonymous – Steve



Impersonator. Get to fly a plane, perform surgery, rock out at a concert. – Ed



I’d be a computer hacker. Because its a digital world now. – Folarin

Bruce typing


Grand Theft Auto. Because I love cars. – Abbas

Gone in 60 secons


Cyber criminal. Fund charities and help people with the money. I will ‘take’ from companies that make profit with harmful products. – Usman

obama spraying money


It has to be Money laundering. Its neat and quick. – Korede

Buhari media chat4


I’d be an art thief, because old rich people pay a lot of money for those shitty paintings. – Jeff

Mona want me


I’d be an armed robber, but with pity. I’d rob people and leave an apology later. – Ahmed

Crying child


I’d be a bank robber. Hard but worth it. We won’t attack customers, just the vault and counting room. I’d destroy all the cameras, stuff money in the bank workers’ pockets, and pour money all over the place. It won’t hurt the bank anyway, so why not? – Ademola

Leonardo money

The Joker. He makes it look like he doesn’t have a plan. He puts on a show while he has planned a way out. – Oshomah

Everything burns



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