12 funny photos you can relate with when you first finish NYSC

NYSC has come and gone but the memories will remain.



Here are a few things you can relate to from those fresh-out-of-service vibes.



1. When you realise allowee has stopped forever.

Nervous gif

Waawu. One more useless bank account.


2. At the parade ground trying to see who you’re going to carry along in the journey of life

throw away drink


Who are all these people?


3. Going through your phone thinking of the contacts to keep or delete.

Betting Gif



4. When your village lover calls your phone

Adele flip phone

Old things have passed away.


5. When you have no idea what to do with your mornings again.

Cat sitting


What is this life?


6. When you realise that one year of your life passed and you don’t know exactly what you did with it.



Hay God. No savings, nothing!


7. Then you go to that uncle who promised you a job.

Nileseyy Niles


Uncle but you promised.


8. When Jobberman and other job search sites start turning to social media websites for you

Henry Cavill sad


Where are the jobs?


9. When you get an interview for one job opening and reach there to see one whole platoon.

Sad Chiwetel


How did you people hear about it please?


10. All the man-o-war drills you did start to come in handy with the way you chase interviews here and there.

running late


My destiny is about to change.


11. Then your parents start looking at you like it is your fault there are no jobs.

I told you

See your life outside.


12. Then it dawns on you, that maybe, just maybe you need to find hustle that will take you out of the house daily.

Wizkid Ojuelegba


Time to *insert intended hustle here*!




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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