12 (funny) photos that show how University is not the same as real life

1. Discounts.

You get discounts when you visit the cinemas.


In real life, when you ask for a discount, the cashier is like,

Odunlade who you epp

2. Long holidays

In University, you get a few months off school for holidays.

Caleon dance

In real life, you go for thanksgiving over a 20-working-days leave.



Or even worse, everyday is a holiday because you’re unemployed.
Jordan Crying

3. Partying on weekdays.

In Uni, you can party on weekdays either because the next day is lecture-free, you don’t have morning lectures or you just don’t care.

wiz khalihah dancing


In real life, party on a weekday, arrive at the office hungover, and the office is going to throw you another party. A send-forth party.

Angry boss


4. Not showing up.

In school, you choose not to show up, just because there’s no attendance.




But in real life, you tell your boss, “Sorry I didn’t show up because I…”

Odunlade sorry


5. Making mistakes.

In Uni, you make mistakes and worst case, you take the course again.



But in real life, in this harsh economy,

Black man mistake


And you’ll just be there like.

leaving crying


Thank you for the time sir.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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