12 epic scenes from Fuji House of Commotion that will leave you nostalgic

Almost every Sunday of my childhood was spent anticipating when Fuji House of Commotion will come on TV at 8 p.m on AIT. In a burst of nostalgia, I spent most of my weekend binge watching, the iconic TV drama series from the nineties and I decided to share ten epic scenes that will leave you drowning in nostalgia.

The opening scene

Artificial yellow paw paw

When Ireti lost her week

The one with Peaceful Peace and the tax collector

Off bad gang and basmatic rice

The one time they attempted to be ‘civil’

This perfectly executed sub

Where Chief thought he could escape the Fuji house

The one with Alika and the policeman

When Ireti tried to give Chief toad’s for breakfast

When Ngozi Nwosu decided to show off her boxing skills

Stealing in Ifa’s name

When Ireti was accused of stealing a chicken



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