11 women share all the things they find stressful about being twenty-something year olds

The most stressful one is trying to win at life I suppose. Keeping up with this blasted rat race of this life. You wonder if you are doing it right. “Adulting” basically. You can’t help but compare yourself to everyone else. Especially when a lot of people seem to have it all figured out but you. – Ada


The fact that I’m now expected to adult. Jesus financial responsibilities. Anything I ask my parents for is now met with you are too old to be collecting money from us. Human relationships are now stress too. I miss when the biggest thing I fought with a friend over was taking my stuff without permission. – Toke


Finding work. Husband. Parents lowkey hinting that they’ve tried for you i.e Stop being a waste. Konji. Everything is expensive. – Nneka


Having to pay bills. – Oyinkan


Trying to be independent in such a shitty country. Getting your shit together seems so impossible. Finding out you’ve done too many stupid things and wasted too much time. Feeling old and young at the same time. Being young and stupidly broke. Being afraid and confused most of the time. – Myar


The expectations. Parents expecting so much from you when all you want to do is take one step at a time. The uncertainty. Not knowing what the future holds. – Anu


Adulthood, life, fending for myself, marriage pressure. Bills, responsibilities and whatnot. – Wura


Being caught between the feeling of being young and carefree and the reality that my responsibilities are increasing and my decisions now affect other people. Oh and money. Money is ruining my life. I want to go back to a time when money was simply a case of some quick division to see how many sweets/ice creams I could buy. – Damilola


It is you your mum will call to advise your siblings as if you too don’t need advice. If you ask your dad for money, he’ll say ‘How old are you? you’re not a baby anymore’. As if twenty something comes with a certain amount of money. – Tola


Family/societal pressure to become a responsible adult who has it all figured out. – Shakeera


Paying bills. From house rent to Internet bills. Bills just seem to hit you from every corner. Everyone expects you to have had your life all figured out. Stopeet! I’m just figuring out how to be an adult. I don’t need the undue pressure. You’re expected to have been married or at least be in a serious relationship. My reply now for anyone who asks when are you getting married is “When are you dying?” As if it is their life. Because I have to be responsible and have bills, I just can’t travel as much as I want to. The future mahn! It scares me shitless! Makes me wonder if I’m the only one who hasn’t figured some things out! I no longer have fun. Heck I can’t define fun sef. Being an adult can be boring! #ThisLifeIsJustAPotOfBeans. Dating! I don’t even know what the dating pool holds again. What pick up lines are men using these days? Damn! – Titi



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