11 types of people you will meet this Valentine season

Valentine is in the air and so are all of its many children. These photos describe the type of people you’ll find this Valentine.

1. When the love is shacking you that even you can’t understand.




Taking over you.

2. When you’ve been doing Valentine with bae for so long, 14th is just another day.


Jay and Bey


Been there, done that.

3. When you are happy and loving your singleness.




Single Pringle.

4. When it’s looking like everyone is trying to intimidate you because, single.


single as fuck


Will I ever #SeizeTheBae?

5. When you have bae, but he is sitting on page 235 of your favourite novel.


love book


It’s all in your head dear.

6. When you hate Valentine’s because it is just consumerist, capitalist, and every-other-relevant-ist.




Fight the power.

7. When you finally want to use Valentine to define the relationship with someone you like.


look at me


Seize that bae.


9. When your Valentine is the person you see in the mirror.




Because happiness is an inside job.

10. When a Valentine well spent is the one spent with the squad.


Bruno Mars1

The Goons.

11. When your purpose in life is to be bad belle for people celebrating Valentine.


hate everyone


Find me a nuke.





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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