11 Times Chicken Republic broke real bones

Chicken Republic is the new troll on the roll. They are taking shots at anything that moves, breathes or can scale the House Of Assembly gates. They became more famous recently after their shot at a certain politician who is said to have eaten his written statement, but the truth is, Chicken Republic has been doing this for a while now.

Here are a few times Chicken Republic broke real bones.

1. That one time they made a not-so-great movie into great item 7.


Because we all needed something to rescue us from Biyi Bandele’s film.

2. When they nailed the one thing the electorate really cares about. Chicken6

Its about that daily chicken bread.

3. That one time they attempted to rig out their competition.


Put your money where your ballot box is.

4. When they suggested an alternative to the apparent bullshit.


They forgot full bellies only happen in a buka.

5. When they took that one cold-blooded shot at a very familiar hat.


Heat is most caused by air pollution, which is the absence of fresh air. Makes perfect sense.

6. When they explained Mikel Obi’s bench football career in one photo.


Who Oliseh done epp?

7. The time they recognised the athletic abilities of our politicians.


Enter the Matrix upper house.

8. That time they legit dropped a below-the-belt “to whom it may concern.”


Because, stomach infrastructure is key.

9. The time they summarised the entire history and future of our House Of Assembly evolution in one photo.

Chicken Republic1

Nanssense people.

10. That time they helped us understand the monstrousity of the Aso Rock feeding budget.

Chicken Republic

Sai Chicken.

11. And most recently, the one time they helped Methuselah answer the age long question.

Chicken Republic3

“What shall I have for dinner?”


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