11 struggles you can relate to if you were raised by a Nigerian mother

Nigerian mums are as amazing as they are mysterious. If you were raised by one, you’ll definitely relate to these.

1. She will give you dirty slap to help you clean up your ways.

So when your brain is clogged up, a slap should normally scatter everything, but a mama’s own will set everything that is wrong in order.



What a painment. Such a hard reset.

2. She will drive you mad just because she wants you to drive them around.

waiting-long bearded

Mummy but how can me, doing 30, be called overspeeding?

3. Her loudest scream is in her silent glare.



When her eyes are saying “if I give you back-hand.”

4. Her “Answer Me” means “Shut Up”.



What a confuse.

5. Her ‘shut up’ means “So I’m talking to myself abi?”

confused baby


Much mystical.

6. She warns you that she might start shouting just after shouting.



Muzzbe be memory.

7. Her welcome means “you’re in deep shit.”

michelle angry


Mummy it was traffic.

8. Her taking from you is a form of giving.


After everything I have done for you, you still want to collect the money.

9. Her direct order is a direct warning.

sad boy


“Mummy where should I put?”

“Put it on my head.”

10. The pain she inflicts on you is supposed to be good for you.

leaving crying


Muzzbe injection.

11. She does all these things to you that both of you hate just because she loves you



But..? Nevermind.

Happy mothers day to all the amazing mums.



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