11 photos that show how Nigerian parents will react if you propose to an Oyinbo girl

You know how we choose to turn marriage proposal to Hollywood film. From proposing inΒ the thick of Lagos traffic.

To using 99 iPhones to propose in China.

Just look at

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you proposed to one oyinbo girl over in The Abroad? Well one guy decided to propose to his babe at her graduation, in public.

Will smith shock


For the next few minutes, we’re going to pretend the dude is a Nigerian baby boy, and his chick is someone a Nigerian parent can broadly classify as oyinbo.

His aunty will be at the venue and he won’t even know.



She’ll then snap and sent it to the family back in Nigeria via Wuzzup.

And the moment he touches down in Nigeria, they’ll be waiting for him.


1. Lover Boy.

Yemi My Lover.

Kneeling down for the baby angel.

Sweet potato.

You have join proposal gang


Clap for yourself.


2. Is that the book I sent you to the Abroad to go and read?

black man

Ah, you want to disgrace our family.


3. Does she kneel down to greet?


Answer me please.


4. ”But mum, it’s the 21st century! Nobody kneels down to gree…”

Patience Ozokwor slap

Ah, you must be very stupid.


5. Can she pick ewedu? Does she know how to pick beans? How good is her pounded yam?




6. Hope she wont come and be forming Americanah for us?




7. I hope she’s a good girl and doesn’t do immoral things, just the way I trained you not to.

Kanayo smiling

She’s like henjeh in heaven.


8. Anyway, my own is just to advice you.


We want what’s best for you.


9. So when are we starting the wedding arrangements?

Caleon You this boy

My son, you are such a sharp shooter. And everybody must know.


10. ”Erm, we were planning something small and private…”

Patience aso ebi

You must be joking.


11. ”But that’s what we want.”

Bukky Wright

Young man, you better call her and tell her to choose colour.

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