11 men tell us all the things they find stressful about being twenty-something year olds

That twenty-something that seemed so far is already here. – Samuel


What is not hard about being a twenty something please? – Taqwa


I’m broke all the time which is funny because you’d think having a comfortable steady stream of income full time day job should have you covered. I recently finished college and I have no intentions to go for NYSC any time soon, the down side to that is that all my best friends are either out of town or trying to get more degrees outside the country. Currently some of the closest people I can easily contact for help or advice are my colleagues from work. And like that is not already sad enough, I mostly live alone and the loneliness after work hours is sometimes so invasive it spikes my anxiety to unimaginable levels. Medium level panic attacks are a norm now, I just power through them with long breaths and deal with the headaches later.  – Taofik


The pressure of living your life and having a good paying job. – Ridwan


Not collecting allowance anymore. People expecting you to have saved millions even though you earn less than 100k monthly. Girls always wanting you to take them out. I don’t fucking pluck money from the tree! Parents wanting you to pay for stuff at home despite knowing you’re poor. – Korede


Commuting? Dating. Not dating. Life in general. Worrying about my parents. Having to moderate disagreements between my parents. – Ed


Being broke. Not having money. – Farouk


See, my own is the hunt for a reliable, rest-of-my-life babe. That’s like 70%. The remaining 30% is having to wake up every morning. – Pen Zu


The only stressful thing for me is trying to catch up with my dreams and aspirations. – Goodman


Bills. Bills na stress. If you have a car, it will be stress. Unless you have money like that. Living alone is stress. And living with your parents – if they are the conservative kind – is not any better. Nigerian women are stress. A large majority of them have useless expectations. Police is stress. Everybody that doesn’t look like they are married or wearing suit is a Yahoo boy. Ugh. The Nigerian society is stress. It is too backward for this generation. It’s like a noose that is just waiting for the right moment to choke you out. – Folarin


Simply existing in Nigeria. The fact that you have to make something off what the country permits(which is not much). The fact that you have to figure out things for yourself almost every single day. When you have to be mentally fit for the madness this life brings to you from all angles. The angry conductor, the client that needs a thousand reminders for you to get paid, the employer that is scamming both his employees and his clients. The government that loves to acknowledge you when it’s time to work for them and turn their backs when they’ve gotten what they want from you. That old classmate from school that wants a job and asks you like you have jobs in your pocket to hand out. The fact that you have to sleep with pilows over your head to block out the noise your neighbor is making in the name of ‘vigil’. Hitting the wall and jumping like the prayers will be answered faster when he jumps. I would have covered my ears and worked on my laptop till they are done with their prayers but it’s 11:30pm and there’s no electricity to work with. The hood is in darkness bruh. I just heard someone shout “Ole! Ole!!” someone just got robbed. I can’t use my laptop with impeccable battery to work because of fear of attracting the wrong crowd. Twenty-somethings like me who are frustrated of being twenty-somethings trying to figure out their way in this arid land of darkness. – Oshomah



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