11 funny photos that describe every Nigerian wedding

Weddings are a big deal. These photos describe what its like getting married in Nigeria.

1. When you tell your mum you want a small wedding and she thinks you’re joking.

Patience Ozokwor

It’s your father you’re talking to, not me.

2. And then you insist and try to form rights.

Patience Ozokwor slap

Am I not your mother again?

3. When your parents say they aren’t inviting too many people.


We only told a few friends.

3. When your guests discover there’s excess jollof rice at your party.


Please help me pour small inside poly bag.

4. When you slide ring on bae’s finger and you know you’ve secured premium bae.

laugh cry

Lord, how did I manage to pull this off?

5. How your friends be looking when they say, “You may kiss the bride.”


Hmmm. See how they are chopping lips.

6. When the clergy is talking about wedding night but you know you and bae have been having wedding night for the past two years.

Jordan laughing

Izz just kissing. Dahz all.

7. Dance dance dance!

Shoki gif

Somebody is gon die tonight.

8. And when it’s time for knacks.


Who sent me message to be dancing about now?

9. But as a bad guy, you planned for this so you bought Red Bull.


I cannot come and carry last.

10. When you want to travel for honeymoon, but the exchange rate is doing one kain.

Sad Chiwetel

What is this life?

11. So you just go to Yankari National Park, because you know it is dope.

Explore Bauchi

Bauchi here we come!



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