10 women tell us the kind of criminals they would be if they had a choice

Its not that serious, so don’t call the police.

I’d be a serial killer because I’m fascinated by the human anatomy. – Mareeza

Girl blood knife


Assassin, because you don’t even have to know why you’re killing them. – Sanna


Jewelry thief. Because diamonds innit? – AishaMarilyn diamonds


I’d probably be the bad guy/girl that kills the even worse ones. You know what I mean? I’d stop the bad guys in a bad way which will make me a good guy. I’d still be a criminal for good reasons. – Tasneem

Will smith what

Cyber crime. Hacking. Cyber terrorism or activism (depending on whose side you’re on). I’d leak secrets and better soceity by leaking government secrets and shit. – Zee


I’d probably be a white collar criminal. Because I’m scared to get my hands dirty or kill people. So I’d rather do it indirectly. Master the art of extortion, exploitation. It’s just easier to be silently ruthless and cunning. – Nana

Woman office


An armed robber, or better still an assassin. I like the fierceness. If I can kill 10 baby rats, why can’t I kill a human being? – Chidinma

Woman assassin


I’ll be a highly paid prostitute, or a thief, or a counterfeiter. It has to be money related sha. – Tracy

Bank b


Internet thief. Plenty money without having to physically hurt anyone. – Bolaji

woman computer


A food thief. For obvious reasons. – Tare

Selena Gomez



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