10 women on the things they would tell their 15-year-old selves if they could


Believe in yourself, be focused and go for what you want no matter whose arse is gored! – Titi, 21


You think you will be married at 21, babe, no, you won’t be. ~ you’re about to fall in love with a dick named Ayo, don’t do it. Stop dwelling on everything, stop over thinking what you can’t control/change – Nana, 23


Be versatile. Don’t box yourself in one skill. Try other things, gain knowledge in other areas.

Going to school doesn’t get you anywhere. Build yourself and work on your rough edges, then your education would become like a necklace on your neck. No matter the type of knowledge you get at any point in time, it’s never a waste. Don’t surround yourself with myopic people, be open minded. Always be curious, stretch yourself. Forgive and forget, empty your mind…this one is BAE – Jasmine, 31


Stay a virgin. Take God seriously. – Ella, 26


It will pass, you are perfectly normal. These things are small. Boys are stupid. – Myar, 23


I’m going to tell myself that I’m strong, and I’m going to choose other people’s happiness over mine a lot. But I’ll get to do my own thing and I’ll be fine. Also, Boys are stupid. Don’t like any boy till you’re 23 or ready to marry – Ajoke, 24


Don’t attend your current University! Take your Arabic classes more seriously instead of rushing later. Change the people you fall in love with. – Bolanle, 23


Study a different course. – Sophia, 24


Don’t be too self conscious. – Maryam, 27


You will get there. It will happen. All of it. So enjoy the now. Also, abandon fear. Also, that boy will only give you three chapters of a novel and headache. Let that dummy go. Meanwhile, you should also know that the dummy is now a college dropout who could not handle his weed. – Rhaihan, 25



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