10 ways Nigerian men say ‘I love you’ to one another

If there’s one thing I know for sure, it is that guys love themselves much more than they profess. Most of the time, “Squad” is just code for “My Lovers.” But Nigerian men are OGs and most won’t want to be caught saying those three words or using kiss emojis for each other.

Here are a few other ways brothers say I love you without really saying it.

1. I’ll transfer the cash now.


Have you ever been stranded somewhere at 10pm and the ATM is telling you “insufficient funds available”? Or you took your babe out and just last minute, remember you might be needing extra cash? That guy who wires you money in those dire times is a keeper.

2. I’ll follow you to go see her father.

prostrate gif

Ah! The only thing more nerve-racking than a job interview is a son-in-law interview. This guy follows you to the eye of the storm even if he sits outside. That, my guy is your ride or get-shot-by-father-in-law guy.

3. No worry, carry the shirt.


Shirts are like billboards for men. They are how guys choose to sell their market. Be grateful for the type of man who parts with a shirt he still loves.

4. You go chop?


As easy as guys might pretend to make it seem, fixing food doesn’t always come that easy. A true OG is that guy who would leave the FIFA everyone is playing and go fix food for everyone.

PS: Do not mistake this guy for the one who actually sucks at FIFA.

5. Make I free the babe for you.

When a guy volunteers to free a babe for you because you have eyes on her and he hasn’t made any legit moves, he either wants to kill you both, or he loves you enough to know you’d treat her better.

6. You be big fool.


If you call him an idiot jokingly or maybe bastard, and he doesn’t give you this Azadus face, Alobam.

7. Don’t worry I’ll drive both of you.


He probably introduced you to your babe. A wingman is that guy who is willing to escort you to go and see your babe even though he’ll be looking away most of the time. In fact, he’ll be willing to drive and not look back so he doesn’t turn to salt.

8. Take my house key. I’ll leave the house this weekend for both of you.


Aha! This is it. He even chooses to sleep under the bridge while you can face your studies with your babe in peace.

9. Come and collect the fuel I bought for you.

In this country? Fuel? Give it up one time for the Gs at the back.

10. I have SK.

Wiz Khalifa

Those who know, know.

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