10 times Samuel “SamTakesOff” Okafor perfectly described Nigerian behaviour

Social media comedy in 2015 would be incomplete without mentioning Sam Okafor. He was responsible for a significant amount of the data we consumed last year, (and it was worth it.)

We will always respect him for showing the world the impact of the Nigerian dirty slap on character development.

Here are some of his most popular videos:

1. When you glo up from harmattan to snow.


2. The one way African parents know how to bring about real change.


3. When he reminded us of the most popular 80’s camera pose.


4. That time when he showed us that our parents are our first lesson in patience.




5. And when he took us to school on the African praise business.


6. And when you think a boss and an African boss are the same thing, he clears your doubt


7. When he explained the difference between The Abroad education and Nigerian education.


8. And the one and only way Nigerians solve all problems.


9. How about the time he showed us how Africans handle ‘coming out of the closet’?

10. And lastly, what they really mean when they say ‘untimely death’.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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