10 times Nigerian time was the absolute worst

Nigerian time is in the constitution.

Nigerian time is the reason our Senate will use 1,000 days to pass a bill, or why someone will just be leaving his house at the exact time of a set appointment. Here are few times Nigerian time was at the worst.


1. When God’s time is not the best.


2. When you think you can beat Nigerian time but it beats you with experience.


3. It has even eaten deep into relationships.


4. And when our reputation goes international.


5. When the surprisee arrives before the surpriser.


6. And remember when Jega was so chill during the 2015 elections that he chilled into Nigerian time.


7. When you have no daylight savings but you have Nigerian time savings.


8. When you forget that the time given means the time you should leave the house.


9. On the phone, he’s around the corner. In real life, he’s on his couch at home.


10. And finally, we give you, the Commander-in-Chief of Nigerian time. *drums roll*





When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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