10 things to expect at AliBaba’s January 1st concert

The man, Alibaba is a veteran in Nigerian comedy so when we hear that the third edition of his annual concert is set to hold, it’s never out of place to get excited.

The 2015 edition was an undeniable success and we know the man behind the show has stepped up to make this year’s edition unforgettable so if you’re not sure what the January 1st concert is or what to expect from it, here are 10 things to look forward to:

  1. All-round quality entertainment: Think of it as all your favourite concerts – AY Live, Basketmouth Uncensored, Bovi on Fire, Olamide Live in Concert, Rhythm Unplugged etc – in one show. There will be live comedy from all the biggest and upcoming comedians, performances from all the biggest music artistes, dance and drama will also not be left out. It will be a blend of all the best on Nigeria’s entertainment scene and that’s worth a night out.
  2. It will be the mother of all events: First because it is hosted by the best of the pack, the one we like to call the doyen of comedy in Nigeria. Alibaba is able to bring every name that matters in entertainment together in one venue, he has earned this sort of respect over the years. Moreover, the scheduling is strategic. All the major events will be over and done with by the end of 2016, so the #January1st concert will wrap it all up nicely.
  3. Vulgarity will NOT be allowed on stage: Alibaba is a godfather and he is able to manage every artiste that will step on that stage. He has announced that filthy jokes will not be allowed at the concert as it is a family event. So if you’re indecisive about whether to attend with your kids, we hope this has helped you decide.
  4. The Alibaba Spontaneity competition: This has become a major highlight to look forward to at the #January1st concert each year. The 12 comedians that must have made it through at the quarterly Alibaba Spontaneity show will get the chance to slug it out at the #January1st concert. The winner will go home with a brand new car, one year salary and a chance to shadow Alibaba himself while he hones his own skills through the year. But what’s in it for you the audience? You get a fresh dose of comedy and that’s enough really.
  5. Olamide will be performing live: If you missed out on OLIC III, here’s your chance to watch everybody’s favourite artiste, Olamide perform. And since the show will be happening in the new year, Olamide might be generous enough to perform songs mostly from his latest album, Glory. But we’ll see…
  6. Tuxedos will be a big deal: It’s a black tie event and Alibaba has made it clear that every comedian is to appear in a tuxedo. So basically, no tuxedos, no show! Some comedians were not allowed to perform on stage at the last edition because they flouted the rules, so it’s no joke. It will be fun to watch the rebellious ones kick when they get bounced this year, because they will.
  7. The famous Year in Review feature: This will most likely be the most entertaining highlight of the show for the audience. The Year in Review is where 12 of the biggest comedians do a satirical remake of 12 of the biggest occurrences of the year 2016. So, expect to see Bobrisky, Solomon Dalung and maybe even Seun Egbegbe and of course, #theotherroom moments.
  8. Sisters with Voices: The last edition saw a gathering of all the best males in Nigeria’s music scene but in 2017, it’s going to be about the ladies. Waje, Niyola, Omawumi, Chidinma and all the rest of the pack.
  9. There will be a fashion show at the event: And not the usual type! We already said that the #January1st concert is all-inclusive so this should not be too much of a surprise. Fashion designers are expected to arrive early with their team of tailors, cutters and the like. The winner will go home with N300,000 and a sewing machine.
  10. Maybe Alibaba will bring The Wedding Party to the stage: Maybe, just maybe we’ll get to see Bam Bam and Tin Tin in character. We’ll be grateful.



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