10 things that happen to you the first time you land in the abroad

Travelling is awesome. It is even more awesome when you are travelling to a foreign country with an entirely different culture and climate.

These things hit you when you first travel abroad.

1. The cold.


2. When you enter a restaurant and you can’t pronounce anything on the menu.


3. When you first experience constant electricity.

confused baby light


4. You want to buy anything but you first convert it to Naira in your head.

Betting Gif

5. When they hit you with the “Where in Africa” question.

Nene neck

Because Africa is just the size of your backyard, abi?

6. Then another person is asking what you came to do in the country.

frak odega meme

7. When someone takes you out to eat and then asks you to pay for your food.

samtakesoff meme

8. Then one day there’s a blackout and everybody is going crazy.

panic gif

9. But you’re just there like.

Bane meme

10. Then one day, you discover a Nigerian restaurant.



And all is well with the world again.



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