10 things Nigerian politicians just don’t understand about the UK’s EU referendum

1. Voting to leave the EU.



Why would anybody vote to leave the European Union? Does that mean that we won’t be travelling for meetings again and be collecting sitting allowance?


2. When the results are actually coming up as voting is happening.

Caleon surprise


How will somebody now rig?


3. When they hear that nobody did mass thumb printing.

Jordan laughing

Are you even voting if you’ve not done mass thumb printing?


4. Or snatch ballot boxes.

AdekunleGold single2


These people are just in the abroad, but they don’t have sense.


5. Or even shooting around anyhow.



These people are not serious.


6. When they see photos of polling units and there is no bag of rice or vegetable oil.


Just smiling at their foolishness.


7. When you realise that the time they used to collate the entire result is the time we used to collate votes at a polling unit.



Muzzbe ready made votes.


8. When they discover that nobody is going to court to complain that the election was rigged.



If they are sad at the result, then why did they take it?


9. Wen they realise that the voting was not even for an election, it was just for a referendum.


Wait, it’s not even presidential or gubernatorial? They are just trying to decide on a small issue? Why didn’t you people just do it in private then?


10. The moment they hear that David Cameron wants to resign because of ordinary referendum.



No comment.

We found one thing they understand sha.

A politician who was in support of the UK leaving the EU, Nigel Farage, has started going back on all the promises made should the UK pull out of the European Union.

Nigerian politicians know this one well. Promise one thing. Do another thing. It is looking like Lord Lugard didn’t just give us a country, he gave us a tested and trusted formula.

Clapping crying



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