10 struggles you can relate to when your elder siblings have children

When your elder siblings have babies, just accept it, they are yours too. You are going to raise them just like you’d raise yours, but it doesn’t come easy when you’re quite young. Here are some struggles you must surely relate to:


1. When you enter a store and say you want to buy pampers.



What is a young person like you doing with pampers?


2. So they look at the condoms to admonish you.



”It. Is. Not. My. Baby!”


3. When you are babysitting and people say your sister’s baby looks like you.

Caleon surprise


Nah mehn. Lies.


4. Then they proceed to preach to you about premarital sex.




Here we go again.


5. When you thought changing diapers was nothing until the shit hit your nose.


Why does baby shit stink like this?


6. And then the baby always pees straight in your face.

chuzzu cry


I want to give you slap but I can’t. I can’t.


7. After cleaning all the shit, the baby’s first word is ‘mama’ not your name.

leaving crying

Is that how you used to do?


8. But the baby smiles at only you whenever you enter the room.

Clapping crying


My Love.

9. And your mother asks you ‘now that you have learnt to take care of baby, when are you bringing your own?’




10. And then because the baby is in primary school he/she now wants to disrespect you.

Abba Looking


Izz like you don’t know I bathed you abi?




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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