10 struggles during the rainy season you can surely relate to

We love how the rain takes away all the heat and pushes hell fire back a little further. But even the rains come with their own problems and these are a few things you can relate to.


1. When you wash and it takes forever to dry.

Man of Steel4

Iron-dry or nah?


2. The rain stops completely and you put out your damp clothes to dry properly.



Sigh. At last.

3. But soon as you leave the house and are far enough, rain starts again.

Sad Chiwetel


Who did I offend?


4. When you’re just walking on your own and a car just splashes you water.

Man Of Steel



5. Then you get home and realise your ceiling is leaking.

Leaking ceiling

Hay God. Only me?


6. Another rain meets you at home before work and you suddenly wish you were unemployed.

Caleon cry


“Hello ma? I can’t come to work. Yes, I’m having Typhoid Fever.”


7. And then everyone on the internet is saying weather for two, but you know you’re all by yourself.


Me and my pillow.


8. When they told you the umbrella was original, but small breeze and you’re swimming.





9. You manage to make it to a public bus dry, but the people sitting beside you are soaked

Astro Crying

Are they following me from somewhere?


10. And PHCN have one more excuse to take light.



Useless people.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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