10 photos you can relate with if you used internet in the early 2000s

Nigeria has come a long way with the internet. From dial-ups to Wifi, we have gone from watching our web pages take 10 minutes to open to complaining about 5 second speeds.

Here are a few things you can relate with if you used the internet in the early 2000s.

1. When you remember how embarrassing your first email address is.

facepalm emails

2. When you go to the cyber cafe after sneaking out and they tell you no over night browsing.

Astro Crying

3. When you figure out a way to extend the timer on your cyber cafe computer.

Kanayo smiling

4. And they catch you.

Please gif

5. When you had to pay-per-minute and Facebook takes like 10 days to open.

crying man God

6. The face the cafe attendant gives you when you open a porn site.


7. When you come and do night browsing and EFCC busts the place.

This is not my real face o

8. When your daddy sends you to print a 50-word email your uncle sent from the abroad.


9. Then one day you discovered WAP browsing.


10. Then you tried to download a game and all your credit finished.

Fainted gif


Bye Felicia!



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