10 photos that describe our reaction to Bukola Saraki’s Code of Conduct Tribunal

Senator Bukola Saraki arrived at the Code of Conduct Tribunal on Wednesday April 6th, and this happened.

1. We heard Bukola Saraki arrived the court with 90 lawyers.


This means war.

2. And then Michael Wetkas, an EFCC detective entered the witness box, and started to spill everything.

black man


Wetkas is not Wetcast. And the allegations started flowing.

3. $10,000 each was deposited for 18 times in one day (19/05/2009) into Saraki’s GTBank dollar account. Last 3 deposits were made by Saraki.

Black woman shock

*calculating exchange rate in head*

4. Some of the converted dollars from BDCs and Saraki’s GTBank accounts were wired to American Express Services Europe Ltd by Saraki.

Tupac gif


5. N184,000,000 was paid to a company on 15/02/2010 and N153,900,000 was transferred to another and later converted into pounds by Saraki.


Is this even real money or monopoly money?

6. N375,000,000 in all, allegedly converted into pounds sterling and used to purchase property via telex to Fortis Bank, SA/NV and also for mortgage purposes.

Remove glasses

God of Moses!

7. Saraki’s lead counsel, Kanu Agabi, says they should adjourn the tribunal.


Where are you running to?

8. But the judge says they should continue.

Judge Jazzy


Will you keep quiet?

9. Light went off in CCT after the diesel being used in the generator got exhausted. Both counsels seeking adjournment now.

Jordan laughing

Why will there be light when all out money has disapp…Wait, why did the gen go off just when they were asking for adjournment? Wait it is a diesel generator nah! But there is diesel everywhere.

10. Judge adjourns for 10 days.

Drake what the fuck


Its Super Story all over again. Watch out for new episodes of Saraki and the vanishing money on the 18th of April.


This is as reported by TV Continental’s Sumner Shagari Sambo.



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