10 photos of Bukola Saraki you’ll recognise only if you were a stubborn child

1. In class, and you’re making noise with your friends.


Backseat gang.


2. When your name is on the list of noise makers in class, but hard guy.



You think it will pain me?


3. When you hear your name but you start forming sleep.

Saraki doze



4. When they flog your friend in front of you and the cane touches his soul.

Dino Melaiye Roll Model

Hay God.


5. And you are just there watching like.

Saraki small play


How will you now beat us if we kill someobody?



6. When they finally flog you and you don’t cry.

Saraki CCT




7. And you just look at your class captain like, “We go jam after school”.



You’re dead.


8. You get home and they’ve set family meeting on your head.


Haba. What did I do today?


9. Your father goes all “…you’re a very useless boy. I’m highly disappointed in you.”



That one is for yourself.


10. And then your mother calls you to the corner to remind you of how she carried you for 9 months and all that.



Mummy please just flog me lemme be going.



11. But now you’ve grown up and you finally have sense.



Izz God.




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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