10 perks of having a friend whose parents are just as strict as yours

Strict parents are the ultimate kill joy.

You have to lie to your friends, for example, that you don’t feel like coming out to play, but you don’t tell them its because your dad won’t let you.

We also know strict parent raise some of the greatest rebels. But what if you had a friend who understood because their parents are just like yours?

1. You don’t have to convince them to join bad gang.

Shaking hands style

We union.

2. And you parents advise you every time to be more like them.

He’s a good boy.

3. But you know deep down that they’re just pretending.

Jordan laughing

I know what you did after school hours that day.

4. You can always lie with their name to your parents because they know he’s from a responsible home.

Chris Brown wink

Because second house.

5. They will always defend you when someone tries to bully you for being boring.

Best friend

Boring together, forever.

6. Your collective spider sense is triggered one hour to curfew time.


Over and out.

7. They understand if you don’t come to their house for one whole week.


Clearly grounded.

8. They don’t need to ask why there’s a koboko as decoration in your living room.


So you get that medicine too? Mah nigga.

9. Having them over for the night will delay that flogging your mummy promised you.

Please stay

Save me my friend.

10. You know you’ll always have that one person who will share How-not-to-get-caught tips.

Taking notes


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