10 Nigerian men share the things they would tell their 15-year-old selves if they could


You are incredible, you are smart, you are gifted. You don’t need to try to fit in with these people. Three years from now, you will find out that they want to fit into you and your life. – Damilola, 23


Don’t measure time, just work hard and smart. Also, its okay to tell people no, really it is. People will judge you no matter what, (many don’t mean to hurt you, but they will), they will mostly be inaccurate. Enjoy the little things in life. Pray like everything in life is a miracle, and work like nothing in life is free. Love sincerely, a million heartbreaks shouldn’t change you. Help as many people without killing yourself. Always maintain a beginners mindset, but have the confidence of a pro, be very humble. Always stick with the truth. the long road is the only road, forget the short cuts. Finally, it’s a tiring life, It is okay to cry, be your best critic, laugh a lot, take nothing to the heart. – Taqwa, 26


You will walk, you will crawl and you will roll, just don’t ever stop moving. Corny yeah? – Toye


Read your books in 100 level. I too fuck up for Year 1. – Korede, 24


When given the option of Further Mathematics and Economics, take the former. It is probably a silly thing but I couldn’t study Computer Science because of that. – Deji, 27


First, lower your gaze. Second, read. You don’t know as much as you think you do. Third, guard your innocence with your life. – Damola, 24


Read harder and build your network. – Azeez, 34


One day at time. Make each day better than the previous. – Hamid, 28


Read about the people who changed the world and emulate them. Drop out if you have to. Make a lot of mistakes, not the bad tattoo kind of mistakes. Try calling back. Be a little more patient. – Oshomah, 25


Get a life. A real one. Not this kpenkeleme, rockstar life you say you’re living – Hassan, 28




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