10 times Sound Sultan’s ‘Hello Baale’ video totally described Nigerian fathers

You know how Nollywood can be with the predictable gender behaviours.

Just look at


Nollywood never talks about the hero dads that do their wives’ laundry, cook for the family etc..

Nene Leakes look at you


Not every Nigerian dad we agree, but some.

So we captured 10 Nigerian dad moments from Sound Sultan’s Hello Baale video that Nollywood will continue to show us till judgement day, good or bad.

1. Wife: Honey, where are you? Come home.

Husband: Sorry dear, I’m in a business meeting.



2. Wife: Gimme money for soup.

Husband: I don’t have any mo…




3. When he sees yansh that is bigger than your mummy’s own for the first time.


4. The daddy that has been giving free rides to young girls all over the place.




5. You: Daddy please I need some money.

Daddy: All the money I’ve been giving you nko?




6. Teacher: Your child has been misbehaving in school.

Dad: Help me soak cane inside water, I’m coming now now.




7. Wife: Daddy wa, where is the car?

Husband: I parked it here now now!




8. How he behaves when he goes to see his girlfriend.




9. How he behaves when he comes home to his wife and children.




10. His worker: Sir, there is a problem.

Dad: Yes?

Worker: The entire shopping plaza has burned down sir.




And of course,

To God Be The Glory

Watch the video here:




When God was sharing chill, I was at the back of the line trying to start a fire.

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