This bride’s father refused to walk her down the aisle, so she did this!

A Nigerian bride,  Vivienne Ikechi Ajoku, who got married today had her mum walk her down the aisle after her dad refused to play the role.

Vivienne disclosed thus:

Bride and her mum walking down the aisle

Oh! the grieve I got because I asked my mother who had me at the age of 15, to walk me down the aisle. I appreciate the idea of having a great dad walk the child down, but when my own father refuses to be present in my life should I killl myself 🤔. I found great joy in having a female marry myself and @ajpapa_1 and an even greater joy honouring @vienstylezmum for doing her best in creating a better future for me. Cheers to the #motherofthebride .


The bride and Groom

Bride at her trad wedding




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